About Waterscape Creations, Inc.

Waterscape CreationsWaterscape Creations, Inc. is an award winning Southern California based company that specializes in the design and construction of natural “real life” looking ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, and streams. Each made with real granite boulders artistically placed to give an appearance that mimic nature.

Why choose us

Waterscape Creations ponds and waterfalls has won 1st place for San Diego county and 1st place for California state awards for “Commercial Water Features” and “Water Features” categories respectively presented by the CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association), and additionally for large-scale water features, the “Landscape Beautification Achievement Award”

Founded by Bob Jorgensen, who started as a pool contractor in the mid 80’s, developed a passion for constructing natural looking ponds and waterfalls in the 90’s. With a love of the natural world since childhood, and how water cascades over rocks in nature’s waterfalls and streams, Bob studied hydraulics and rock formations and how they become affected by water flowing over them.

The wealth of this knowledge taught to the boulder placing artists, plumbers, electricians and in-house designers has been the synergy of this award winning company since 2000. So often we hear complements like this after completing a backyard waterscape, “I had no idea it was going to look this grand!” This satisfaction expressed by the customer only delights our construction crews to hear these words.